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The Really Good News Ministry is carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the globe through Grace alone and not by works or law. The new primary focus of this ministry is to read the Bible perfectly using the rules of interpretation provided by the Holy Scriptures, themselves. It is Free, only Believe.

This is a continuation of The Really Good News ministry emphasizing the Glory of Our Lord, Jesus Christ and His wonderful Gospel.

If you are not absolutely certain of where you would go (up or down) if you died today, please click on this link Prayer of Salvation and follow the included instructions as given to us from the Bible.
I believe you said this prayer from your heart, (or the mind of your Spirit) and that you really meant it. This means you did not just say the words from your physical mind (or the flesh) and it means that you are now a Believer. Jesus is Lord of your life. I also recommend you go through baptism as prescribed in Scripture. You have now taken part of the greatest miracle performed by our Lord. In other words you have been saved by Grace (unmerited favor) and not by works. Wow! Want to learn more about what just happened you? Stay tuned and keep studying the Word with me.
How do I live under the commandments of my Lord, Jesus Christ together with the precepts of the New Covenant and STAY under Grace? How do I not get into law and not be in violation of chapter 1 of Gal. (Gal. 1 amp)? Don’t feel badly at least 90% of the preachers do not preach on this according to Holy Scripture. When our physical mind tells us to follow a rule this is “law” and self effort. After mans fall in the Garden his default position for a rule is to go to the law and not his heart. We will go there naturally. When our heart tells us what to do this can be the Holy Spirit changing our heart and we want to follow Gods’ word. Oh most of these preachers, and many from denominational churches are very good at telling their flocks how they are to love more, or have more faith, and of course a litany of do’s and don’ts contained in these Holy Scriptures. These precepts are usually good things that come right out of Scripture, EXCEPT FOR ONE MAJOR FLAW, they do not tell you the HOW. That is right, HOW? They assume now we know the “right” way and we will just do or not do what their message says. This means that the message goes to our physical minds for fruition and not to our Spirits. This means if we act at all it is “self effort” which is the bane to God’s way to Redemption. Scripture tells us self effort is like “filthy rags” or let me be more blunt, these rags are those of a soiled sanitary napkin. The only solution is for this power to come from the Holy Spirit or it can be worse than nothing.
There is only one righteousness and this is Jesus Himself. He lives in us with the Holy Spirit and we MUST get in contact with Him and the Holy Spirit to live and follow His directions. Remember He is the Word. He is perfect and His word is perfect in its original language. So how do we do this? Well first we have to bring the Holy Spirit out of the back room and put Him where he belongs, with Jesus. We go through Scriptures and look, imagine and meditate on Him. Learn and study the word on how we follow His Spirit and not our own flesh.
“17. Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty. 18. But we all with
unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image
from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.” (2Cor. 3:17, 18 NASB)

The Amplified Bible version makes this even more clear by saying this transformation is by the Spirit and not our own minds. So how do we get from our physical mind to the mind of Christ, or become more like the Jesus who is in us? Easy. You don’t. We read, study and learn more about Jesus and the Holy Spirit and we learn how to hear from the Holy Spirit as we grow we will become more like Jesus.

Now when the Believer is following the Scripture it comes from his Heart, or Spiritual mind and not the flesh, or the carnal mind. Please note this power does not come with the authority given to cast out evil spirits or heal the sick. However, I can see this power would be greatly enhanced. This fits perfectly with the New Covenant as stated in Hebrew 8 and 10. God will not remember our sins and He will imprint His Laws (not the Mosaic Laws) on our hearts. Do you see how this works perfectly? We need preachers to tell us more about Jesus from the Scripture as He did on the Emmaus Road.
Well, ok, this clearly is what the Scripture is saying, how can you or anyone tell when your following your mind, or your Heart? Simple. Look at the fruit. Law is the strength of sin and the Spirit is life. You see we go to the Scriptures for our answer.
Well, wait a minute Pastor Bryan. Are you saying we are not to use this wonderful brain God gave us in learning the Holy Scriptures? God forbid, We are! However, we need to learn how to use “this brain” always under His guidance and authority. When the first Adam fell in the garden he had a great brain, and knowledge of good and evil. Man still have this today and yet without staying completely under His authority and following His Holy Scriptures He is still in a “mess”. The Bible tells us as believers we are new creatures reborn and renewed by the Holy Spirit. 2Corn.5:17 and that we are to renew our minds (Rom. 12:2&3) by studying and meditating on the word of God. The scriptures tell us we are stewards of the mysteries of God, therefore obviously it is very important for all of us as believers to be able to read the scriptures perfectly. As believers we not only have eternal life but there are over 7,000 promises in the scriptures for us as Believers. It is extremely important that we use our brain as intended and spelled out clearly by Him. This a big part of our study. Much more will be revealed and before we know it God will start changing us from the inside without our even being aware of the changes.
This and many other truths are contained in the Bible or Holy Scriptures which is the main tool that God uses in communicating with us. Therein the Scriptures He tells us about ourselves and Himself, including most of all His son, Jesus Christ. Virtually every page in the scripture in both the Old Testament and New Testament has something to do with His Glorious Son. The Bible in its original languages, the Old Testament and the New Testament are not only perfect but they are integrated. There is no detail in the scriptures which is not important. Every word name and number is important. It is Gods’ desire that all men come to salvation through Jesus and that all believers are in one accord. However since the cross and resurrection Christians have been divided in multiple denominations and various factions. Division is the work of the enemy. This division has weakened the churches of this world to a considerable degree, resulting in a tremendous loss of power in the world. This loss of power has affected both the ability to keep the enemy at bay and bringing new converts to Jesus Christ. The Church was supposed to be the salt and light of the world showing men the right way and preventing putrefaction as we all know that sin has become more and more rampant in our world today. Why? Obviously there is not enough salt and light. This is the problem, now what is the solution?
First: Why has this division occurred?
Answer: Primarily, in my opinion, because of the wrong interpretations of the meaning of the scriptures or erroneous translations. The Bible was given to us by God through much Supernatural effort. All of these people really lived lives thousands of years ago to give and preserve the words and events for all mankind. God is perfect. What He wrote or inspired is perfect. Jesus is the Word, John 1. God did not leave us alone in this important task of interpreting the Bible. The Bible itself gives us many rules of interpretation. We all need to learn and follow these rules.
Solution: The Word itself provides rules for proper interpretation, this is not a matter that God has left to the hands of mere man. These rules of interpretation are really principles announced in the Word and the following of same will give us the correct answer. They are not rules of law which failure of which to follow results in a penalty. We ask the spirit who wrote the principles or rules to help us in understanding and following these as the mind of Christ and to follow these principles from our heart. By the promptings of the Holy Spirit this will be one of the main emphasis of this Ministry, until directed otherwise. These lessons will be provided in writing, or on YouTube for everyone to read and study. Each faction usually has its own “sacred cows” along with their own beliefs and values. Remember the path to ignorance is contempt prior to investigation. Let us endeavor to kill all the sacred cows and walk united as members of the body of Christ, what a day that will be! More of a Glorious Church without spot or wrinkle.
One central emphasis of this ministry will be to answer these questions and to teach us how to read the Bible more perfectly so that all believers will be together as the Body of Christ. So am I the perfect person to teach these ambitious lessons? Absolutely not! I am just a person He told to start on this path.
Please join me in this walk and give me your feedback on the lessons, pro or con. I only ask that in doing so you use only scripture which is in context. I can assure this entire blog is from Scripture. Hang in there with me and I will show you not only these scriptures, but even more to make clear these statements and others are correct under God’s Word.
Thank you so much and let us all end up in a more unified and Godly place as a part of the
Body of Jesus.

Pastor Bryan W. Scott


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